Cultural events in Hradec Kralove

Basic information about Hradec Kralove

One hundred thousand inhabitants and a very favourable location about 100 kilometres east of Prague; remarkable history as well as rich and vibrant social life; ravishing scenery at the confluence of Labe and Orlice rivers - this is Hradec Králové - one of the most beautiful urban centres of the Czech Republic. The first written reference about the city dates back to 1225. Hradec Králové used to be the dowry city of the Czech queens as well as the stronghold of the Hussite revolt. It used to be the seat of clerical anti-reformation as well as an important culture centre of the renascence period. The military importance of the city has ended after the battle at Chlum in 1866.

The architects of the likes of Jan Kotěra and Josef Gočár have given a brand new face to the city at the beginning of the last century. Hradec Králové was often regarded to as the salon of the republic mainly due to beautiful structures following the art nouveau and functionalism style. Hradec Králové elegantly combines Gothic style with Renaissance as well as Baroque with modern architecture. The White Tower is overseeing the entire city. Right next to the tower you will find the Holy Ghost cathedral with the altar painting by Petr Brandl, the bishopric grounds and former Jesuitical dormitory, the St. Mary’s Assumption church and other national treasures such as Carlo Luraga and Giovanni Santinis masterpieces to name a few.
Among the most important celebrities of Hradec Králové you would also find the baroque historian Bohuslav Balbín, play writer Václav Kliment Klicpera and Viktor Fischl who used to be a famous writer and diplomat. The museum of Hradec Králové (designed by architect Jan Kotěra in 1912), which is considered to be an extraordinary structural monument, treasures the heritage of the past. The Gallery of modern art (designed by architect O. Polívka in 1912) houses a large collection of Czech art of the 19th and 20th century. Worldwide known Drak Theatre, excellent Klicpera#s Theatre Company and Hradec Králové Philharmonic orchestra constitute the linchpins of local culture life. The city is also regarded to as the capital of community singing (Boni Pueri, Jitro). The notion of „Česká inspirace“ is also adherent to the city. Hradec Králové comes under eight historically significant cities, which attached to that poetic title „Česká inspirace“ a slogan „Not only in Prague you can enjoy our culture!“ The visitors and inhabitants of the city have the possibility to visit a number of cinemas as well as various events organized by Hradec#s Cultural and Educational Society. You are also cordially invited to the local observatory and planetarium, various entertainment facilities, discotheques, clubs and music pubs. Hradec Králové also hosts annual international theatre, jazz and folkloric festivals as well as film festivals and world-class dance competitions.

The indispensable significance of the city lies also in the field of spiritual life, science and intelligence. The roots of intelligence date back to high Middle Ages (latin particular school founded in 1362), the tradition of medical studies, church and pedagogic education, and many other significant branches is peculiar to the city as well. Aldis congress centre and New Adalbertinum centre play hosts to international symposiums and exhibitions. The interests of all generations will certainly be accommodated by a large number of sport facilities, fitness centres, boutiques and stylish pubs not to mention very well developed hotel infrastructure. In case you are looking for something special, we’ve got it for you. Hradec Králové offers you a Giant fish tank and the Municipal aquatic centre with artificial tide.

The city is graced with many parks and gardens and surrounded by extensive forests and many ponds. Those of you who like to cycle will not be disappointed either. The paths alongside Labe and Orlice rivers invite you for both short and long trips to the neighbouring places of interest. You can visit the real historical jewels such as the castle in Hrádek u Nechanic and Karlova Koruna. You can pay a visit to Kuks castle where you will find many Braun’s statues. You can also visit the Chlum battleground and Probošt´s Bethlehem in nearby Třebechovice. Hiking lovers can visit the lime rocks in Český Ráj or Adršpach. And finally, it would be a pity not to visit the Krkonoše and Orlické mountains or a safari in Dvůr Králové nad Labem. Come and see for yourselves!